I am a senior interaction designer at Illumina Inc designing genome sequencing products to contribute to the impact of life sciences!

Previously worked in the e-commerce space with @Flipkart & @Ebay
Graduated with Masters in Human Computer Interaction (MSI'20) from University of Michigan
Launched my side project Design of Future - XR Edition

Featured work

Designing Next Generation LIMS

Designing a system to develop and handle workflows which manages the lifecycle of DNA samples onto a sequencing instrument, recording data generation and surface functionality of sequencing instrument integration layer.

Under NDA - Please reach out to know more about this work at toshi.100692@gmail.com

Human robot interaction
Interaction design
Information architechture

Designing Illumina Connected Analytics

Designing modules of one of a kind analytics tool for bio-genomics data to help bio-scientists and researchers work with  population cohorts and gene variants.

Data Driven Design
Visual Design
Healthcare Genomics

Error trouble shooting tool @Illumina Inc

Designed an end to end flow of an error troubleshooting tool for supporting 21 DNA sequencing instruments.

Interaction Design
Visual Design
UX Research
Healthcare Genomics

Designing mentorship network for women

Designed a mobile application that is a safe, non-judgemental, mentorship platform for college girls in STEM in India

Material Design
Interaction Design
User Journey Mapping

Designing Virtual Reality learning experiences

Designed a VR-based educational and learning modules for ~200 students at the University of Michigan

Virtual Reality Design
3D prototyping

AR-based alphabet learning app for Dyslexia

Built a mobile application using AR for kids with dyslexia by enhancing physical story books experience on Android & iOS

Augmented Reality
Unity & Vuforia
Voice Interface Design

Building online community for PMs

Designed a mobile based online community for product managers to engage via diverse product observations

Brand Design
Website Design
Online community research
Mobile UX

Designing Pawnguru's first ever mobile app

Deciphering the need for a mobile application for pawnshop owners and designing one for uplifting business

Contextual Inquiry
Product Management
User Interviews
Mobile app design
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Dev projects
Research Projects
AR-based alphabet learning app for Dyslexia
AR-based grocery shopping experience
For knowing more about my work or talk about an interesting opportunity, please hit me an email !